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Érdemes megfigyelni a Don arcán a mosolyt,elégedettséget. Illetve hogy hogyan vezet a video készítője.

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Ebben a játékban nem a gyalogosok elütése a cél, hanem az útforgalom szabályainak a betartása. Ezért és még sok más miatt volt jobb játék mint a teljes GTA3 széria.

There is over 30 in-door location to explore such as hotels, airports, restaurants, and banks.

chubby beach forum

There is also the general environment of the city. Such was the realism that unless a mission was timed, many chubby beach forum that actually obeying the road rules proved to be faster than speeding, as the latter would more likely result in accidents and injuries.

Mafia had a much bigger city to explore than Vice City, with many forms of transport available such chubby beach forum trams and elevated rail; neither of which are drivable by the playerin addition to an expansive countryside where police are strangely absent.

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In addition to the photo-realistic city and a huge countryside, detailed interiors like the city's airport, a museum, a church, a hotel, an abandoned prison, restaurants and Don Salieri's bar are included. Mafia offers an opportunity to drive 51 classic American cars around the city, plus 19 bonus cars of which 5 are racing models unlockable after the main mode and the opening of a new game mode.

chubby beach forum

Cars are introduced periodically - in the beginning of the game, early 's models drive on the streets of the city, while models from begin appearing in later game stages. Police book players chubby beach forum minor offenses such as speeding or running a red light, and car accidents cause physical harm to the driving player.

chubby beach forum

Mafia is also noted for having comprehensive damage physics on nearly all vehicles. While substantially more robust than their real counterparts, smaller and weaker vehicles stand less abuse before breaking down and finally exploding, than large armoured vehicles.

chubby beach forum

More realism is added here compared to other games in the same genre, such as the ability to puncture the fuel tank, overheat the engine, and the ability to break transmission gears.

Many exterior components such as windows, tires, headlights, and bumpers can be removed from most vehicles with physical means such as crash-driving, hitting with blunt weapons fists, baseball bat as well as firing weapons at them.

Segítség az M1 Free Ride Extreme részéhez.

chubby beach forum

Miután végigvittük az alapjátékot újabb 20 trükkös feladatot kapunk. Végrehajtásuk után a jutalmunk T-Bird-ök,Hot-rod-ok HD-ben még mindig jól néz ki a játék.